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Direct Deposit Available

Start Saving for the Future 

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A great account for first time savers!

What's Included?

Online BankingThis is Available
Debit/ATM CardThis is Available
Minimum Opening Deposit$100.00
Minimum Balance to Earn Interest$0.01

Minimum Opening Deposit for

customers under the age of 18

Online Bill PayThis is not available or applicable
Mobile BankingThis is Available
E-statementsThis is Available
Number of Transactions6 withdrawals per Month1
Direct Deposit This is Available

Other Important Disclosures 


1. Transfers for a Savings account to another account or to third parties by preauthorized or automatic transfer, telephone order, or draft to third parties are limited to six per calendar month with no transfers by check, debit card or similar order to third parties. If you exceed these transfer limitations, your account will be assessed a $10.00 fee and will be subject to closure by the financial institution. 


The USA PATRIOT Act has paved the way for financial institutions to help prevent fraud, identity theft, and the spread of terrorism. It requires financial institutions to obtain more information from an individual or legal entity to help establish identity.


Your cooperation is needed when you open a new account or request a loan. You may be asked more questions to establish and confirm your identity. It may also be required for you to provide one or more forms of identification.