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Security Alerts

Customer Warning:

January 5, 2015

Dear Customer

In the past few months, researchers have discovered a critical vulnerability called POODLE. POODLE could allow an attacker to steal information or take control of the victim’s online accounts.

Although this is a fairly difficult vulnerability to exploit, Teutopolis State Bank recommends that internet banking users install the latest operating system. All supported Apple operating systems and Microsoft operating systems should not see an issue when logging into internet banking. However, since Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, internet banking customers using the Windows XP operating system and Internet Explorer are at a much higher risk. Because of this, effective January 14, 2015, users of Windows XP will only be able to access internet banking by using Google Chrome or Firefox as their web browser. Internet Explorer can also be used as long as TSL 1.0 is enabled (instructions follow).

Users of Windows XP can enable TLS by following the instructions below:

  • On Internet Explorers Tools menu, click Internet Options
  • On the Advanced tab, under Security, make sure that the SSL check boxes are not selected (to alleviate POODLE risks) and make sure that the TLS check boxes are selected (different Operating Systems and versions of Internet Explorer may have different TLS options available, select all).


Click Apply, and then OK

You can test to see if you can connect to Teutopolis State Bank’s internet banking before the January 14, 2015 update. Go to https://uat.fundsxpress.com/start/FOO. If you can see the test site, you will be able to access internet banking on January 14, 2015 when additional security features are put in place for Windows XP users.

Again, if your computer uses a supported Microsoft or Apple operating system, you are provided security updates from each and therefore should be protected from the POODLE threat.

If you have any questions, please contact Teutopolis State Bank at (217) 857-3166 or Sigel Community Bank at (217) 844-2400.



Hank T. Koester, President
Teutopolis State Bank


Teutopolis State Bank and Sigel Community Bank will NEVER request any confidential information from a customer by direct phone calls or emails. Confidential information includes: account numbers, social security number, PIN’s or passwords. NEVER give out confidential information unless you have personally originated a conversation in-person or over the phone and Teutopolis State Bank or Sigel Community Bank  is requesting this information for the purpose of identification. NEVER give out your PIN or password to anyone, including Teutopolis State Bank Staff. Emails from legitimate sources such as banks or the FDIC can be fraudulent.